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Perfect fit for Birkenstock Products

Choosing the proper size and width of footwear is of decisive importance for the healt of our feet. The healthy comfort of our footbeds can only truly unfold itself if the foot sits perfectly within the fooftbed, because only then the entire foot is used for proper step formation thus preventing undue stress and strain.

Comfort in two widths & the choice of the correct length

for regular,
strong feet

Toes and heel should not
touch the footbed rim.


for slim, slender and narrow feet

There should be a few
millimeters of space
both in the heel and the
toe area.



1. Deep heel cup
Gives the foot a firm hold and maintains the heel profile.

2. Cross arch support
Helps shift pressure from the middle to the front of the foot.

3. Inner and outer longitudinal arch support
Give the feet balance in walking.

4. Tod gripper
Steers the toes, promoting the natural rolling movement of the foot.

5. Cork-Latex-Footbed
Extremely flexible, providing a uniquely high level of wearing comfort.

6. Suede leather cover
Creates a healthy climate around the foot.

7. Footbed edging
Deliberately elevated to protect the toes.